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Book your dinner date with one of the 15 Michelin Star Chefs starting from January 1st 2017 to April 17th 2017 at Diamonds La Gemma dell’Est Zanzibar.

Please read below for more information about our Star Cuisiniers starting from January 1st.

Week 1 (01 – 09 January 2017): Stefan Rudolf – Croatia

 Š T E F A N    R U D O L F

Jeunes Restaurateurs


The philosophy of chef Stefan is based on a creative combination of tradition and innovation. He aspires to preserve local flavours, those of his gastronomic heritage; this element of tradition is his everlasting inspiration.

He wishes the guests of Restaurant Pelegrini to get to know him through his tasting menus since it is the best way to understand his vision, whereas his contemplation of the local gastronomy and restaurant concept reflect contemporary trends and talk to modern guest, the one who appreciates innovation in the cuisine. Chef Stefan aspires to pleasantly surprise his guests as well as provide a genuine gastronomic adventure.


Week 2 (08 – 16 January 2017): Markus Rath – Austria

M A R K U S   R A T H

Jeunes Restaurateurs


Markus Rath captivates his guests with authentic, exclusively regional cuisine. Spontaneity is a major focus – their own gardens and the surrounding farmers provide the basis for his lovingly prepared creations.

Rath is a passionate proponent of honest staples and is absolutely convinced that you don’t need to have ten different components on a single plate. Puristic, clear, without any frills – likewise attested to buy classics such as a delectable fried chicken as well as a sparkling variation on Lake Char. Multi-course surprise menus also enjoy exceptional popularity.



Week 3 (15 – 23 January 2017): Michael Kolm – Austria

M I C H A E L     K O L M

Jeunes Restaurateurs


The Kolm family’s Bärenhof, located in the Lower Austrian town of Arbesbach in the Waldviertel region, has long been a household name amongst connoisseurs far beyond Austria’s borders. “Waldviertel, seasoned with the world” – this is the inspiring, and likewise exciting motto of Michael Kolm. The passionate chef is far from a stranger to the exotic, which he then combines boldly and imaginatively with Waldviertel traditions.

In this way, guests are able to enjoy many culinary surprises and imaginative creations with products from all corners of the globe. The results are clever dishes such as crispy pork belly with calamari, rice with meat from alpine oxen served with fried prawns and chili sauce, or white-poppy panna cotta with apricots and a croissant.


Week 4 (22 – 30 January 2017): Lukas Nagl – Austria

L U K A S     N A G L

Jeunes Restaurateurs


Under the leadership of top chef Lukas Nagl, Restaurant Bootshaus, chosen as the best restaurant in Upper Austria by Guide A la Carte 2016, has become the Salzkammergut region’s gourmet hotspot in the briefest of time.

Lukas Nagl and his team cook with commitment to purity, authenticity and rarity, incorporating high-quality regional products whose flavour is brought to the plate as naturally as possible. The values of today’s epicurean culture and their potential for transformation play an important role in their culinary philosophy – as do the equality between vegetables, meat or fish.

Nagl’s artistry has been widely recognized, including the “Trophée Gourmet for Creative Cuisine” from A la Carte in 2015, one of the country most coveted gourmet prizes.


Week 5 (29 January – 06 February 2017): Renato Rizzardi – Italy

R E N A T O     R I Z Z A R D I

Jeunes Restaurateurs



In 1979, after graduation Renato enrolled at the Hotel School in Recoaro. In 1982 he worked at the restaurant St. Domenico in Imola where he received the very basis of his preparation from the great Chef Valentino Marcattilii, this was the real breakthrough of his life. He worked at the restaurant for one and a half years and during this time he had the opportunity to know and work with the greatest Italian chefs of that period.

In 1984 the big jump: he was hired by Donatello restaurant in San Francisco as consultant chef. The experience should have been of a short duration, but it lasted instead for one year, after which he became chef Executive of the restaurant and in 1985 was appointed Master Chef of California. But Renato’s big dream was to open his own restaurant near Vicenza so he returned to Italy and on January 1, 1992 he bought La Locanda di Piero in Montecchio Precalcino, whose claim is “the art of transforming food into emotion”. In 1995 the restaurant become part of the Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe and in 1998 he obtained the first Michelin star.


Week 6 (05 February – 13 February 2017): Mark Dixon – United Kingdom

M A R K     D I X O N

Jeunes Restaurateurs



Executive Chef Mark Dixon is Norfolk Chef of the year and finalist

in the Academy of Culinary arts and takes great pride in his kitchen serving the freshest ingredients, creating seasonal dishes and using all that is great and good from the local area.

He has travelled much of the world but has found himself in his home country. He has a fantastic team of chefs behind him and is constantly working on new ideas and pushing their culinary talents.


Week 7 (12 February – 20 February 2017): Marko Karelse – Netherlands

M A R K O     K A R E L S E

Jeunes Restaurateurs



For Chef Karelse,  French cuisine is a starting point. Marko loves simplicity and dishes with pure and honest flavours. Fresh organic products ensure a menu that is contemporary, light, flavorful and surprising. Marko’s contemporary cooking style is vibrant, young and full of passion.



Week 8 (19 February – 27 February 2017): Ruben Van Dieten – Netherlands

R U B E N    V A N    D I E T E N

Jeunes Restaurateurs



Ruben Dieten has 15 years of experience in the highest segment of gastronomy. He was a chef in restaurants like Le Cirque and Savelberg. With his new top brasserie he makes his vision true: respect for the product and cooking from the heart; and he knows, in its monumental surroundings, how to create a warm atmosphere where you love to stay.

The team of his restaurant consists of professionals that share one thing in common: passion! Passion for beautiful, pure, raw materials, respect for nature, and dedication to their guests. It looks so and tastes so on your plate and in your glass.


Week 9 (26 February – 06 March 2017): Tomaz Bevcic – Slovenia

T O M A Z     B E V C I C

Jeunes Restaurateurs



The culinary house, Rizibizi Portorož, located on the slopes of Bernardin, has brought the local culinary offer to a superb level with its wide range of rich gastronomic flavours and aromas.

In an effort to offer to guests as much as possible, the award winning Tomaž Bevčič joined expert Janko Franetič. Together they will try to satisfy every guest, and also with innovative combinations of colours, scents and flavours to surprise even the most demanding gourmets.


Week 10 (05 March – 13 March 2017): Iside Maria de Cesare – Italy

I S I D E     D E     C E S A R E

Jeunes Restaurateurs



Iside started cooking as a passion, and then by chance, when she was about twenty, she was introduced to the world of professional cuisine through summer seasonal work. From there came the decision to attend a vocational school where her journey began.

She started at “Agata e Romeo” in Rome, then went to “Le Colline Ciociare” at Acuto, then back to Rome to “La Pergola” and “La Frasca” at Castrocaro.

Since 2003 her new adventure has been her own restaurant: “The Parolina” in the small Trevinano village of Acquapendente, which she runs with her husband Romano Gordini.


Week 11 (12 March – 20 March 2017): Luca Collami – Italy

L U C A     C O L L A M I

Jeunes Restaurateurs



Luca Collami deines himself a “home-made chef”, almost self-taught. The cuisine of the chef from Genova is mostly based on fish and shellfish, with some notes of transgression towards meat.

They are prepared with the same creativity that Luca devotes to the seasonal vegetables, elements that are present in each dish. Luca’s cuisine is characterized by a careful selection of excellent raw materials, whose qualities are enhanced by a short cooking.



Week 12 (19 March – 27 March 2017): David Goerne – France

D A V I D     G O E R N E

Jeunes Restaurateurs



After his learning period with the great chefs in Germany and France, and after his initial working experience with Alain Ducasse in Paris, chef David Goerne opened his Manor in 2016 in Caudebec-en-Caux.

David offers a reined and contemporary cuisine, using local produce   from the region, and for this Michelin rewarded him with his first Michelin star in 2016.


Week 13 (26 March – 03 April 2017): Olivier Bauche – Belgium

O L I V I E R     B A U C H E

Jeunes Restaurateurs



Restaurant La Gloriette is situated in a quiet location in an old manor house dating back to the beginning of last century, and only a few hundred metres from the town centre of Marche-en-Famenne.

In the kitchen the passionate Chef Olivier Bauche creates his dishes adapted to the latest technologies. He always tries to find a perfect balance between aromas and textures, using fresh and local ingredients. He creates dishes to realize imperishable memories in his guests.


Week 14 (02 April – 10 April 2017): Heribert Dietrich – Switzerland

H E R I B E R T   D I E T R I C H

Jeunes Restaurateurs



21 years ago was the beginning of a very successful time in the Hotel Walserhof – now, the circle has closed and Heribert and Silvia Dietrich are happy to welcome you in their Walserhof as hosts.

In their Restaurant Höhwald, in Monviel, they serve a regional and authentic cuisine, prepared by using only the best local produce and their Swiss-Austrian hospitality will always accompany their guests.



Week 15 (09 April – 17 April 2017): Olivier Massart-Carusso – Belgium

O L I V I E R   M A S S A R T

Jeunes Restaurateurs



The story of a young enthusiast: Olivier Massart was born near Liège. After attending the benches and the kitchens of the hotel school in Spa, he built his experience in several restaurants in Begium, France and Germany.

One day, a beautiful meeting with Fabienne: his other half, a complementary and sincere partner. The perfect binomial!

The desire to achieve their dreams pushed them to stand on their own, and in March 2009 they began the adventure of the restaurant  Ô de Vie, a restaurant in their image, where everything is well planned to meet the culinary desires of their guests, and that offers a modern and contemporary cuisine.





















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