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Zanzibar is actually not “one destination” but “several destinations”, as it is a small collection of islands 50 kilometres off the coast of Tanzania. The beautiful Zanzibar Archipelago is bursting with culture and history with its idyllic backdrops of white sandy beaches and palms swaying lazily in the sea breeze. Based on Zanzibar’s history from Portuguese, Shirazes, Brits and Arabs, there is no place comparable in its diversity than Zanzibar. Unguja, the biggest island of the archipelago is what is commonly known as “Zanzibar” with its capitol Stone Town, which is a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site and is also known as the Spice Island. Pemba the smaller sister island in the North of Unguja is still very natural and underdeveloped for tourism but offers a few hotels and surely one of the best dive and deep sea fishing sites in the Indian Ocean. The Archipelago of Zanzibar is truly a spectacular place to visit and to explore and provides “the right spot to be” for all types of travellers.

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Tanzania is home to Mount Kilimanjaro, Ngorongoro National Park and Serengeti National Park – just to name a few. It is renowned for having one of the most diverse wildlife populations in the world and also for having so many unique attractions. There are so many “world – biggest” facts about Tanzania, is it the world biggest unbroken caldera – Ngorongoro or the world biggest game reserve – Selous or the country with the world wide biggest amount of land mass for nature conservation or is it the world highest free standing mountain – Mount Kilimanjaro or is it the deepest lake in Africa and world biggest fresh water reservoir – Lake Tanganyika or the home of the world wide unique gemstone – Tanzanite or is it the home of the world unique phenomenon – the Great Migration.  By visiting Tanzania, rest assured that you’ll have a memorable and authentic ultimate African safari experience.

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