ZanTours Management

In fact, the success of ZanTours comes clearly from the love and passion and dedication of its team members to the tourism industry. Further, what unites us is the love to Africa especially in Zanzibar. Lead by our Managing Director and headed by our General Manager, our company has a very flat structure with only 6 departments. Every Head of Department is a professional by education in his or her industry.  Not to mention, our management team has over 60 years combined work-experience in Zanzibar.

ZanTours Company Structure

ZanTours Team

Indeed, with over 100 team members, we take pride in having such a big family to rely on every day. The ZanTours family includes, a large number of:

  • drivers and car washers
  • not to mention mechanics and electricians
  • and painters or clima technicians
  • further reservation consultants and management assistants
  • let alone marketing assistant and workshop assistant
  • as well as accountants and quality controllers
  • and hotel desk representatives or airport representatives and guides
  • not to mention fuel controllers and GPS control
  • let alone transport managers and transport officers
  • not only cleaning ladies but also our gardeners

Moreover with constant training of every department we strive to perfection. ZanTours believes in the strength of every team member. Each person plays an important role in making us the best. Moreover, we wouldn’t be what we are without each and every one of them.

ZanTours training

On the other hand, this is why education and training plays a major role in our company. We provide inhouse language classes and department specific trainings. Is it for drivers or reservation team, airport reps or desk reps. Our trainer provide customized trainings year over year and month over month.

Below is just a small selection of the members of our big ZanTours family based in Zanzibar:

Sabine Emmerich
Sabine Emmerich DE

General Manager

Doris Vielgut
Doris Vielgut AT

Head of MICE

Cecilia Ruttagah
Cecilia Ruttagah TZ

Management Assistant

Cindy de Gouveia
Cindy de Gouveia ZA

Head of Sales and Marketing

Geny Ngumbu
Geny Ngumbu TZ

Sales & Marketing Assistant

Abdalla (Mamba) TZ

Head of Guides

Etienne Geyser ZA

Head of Operations

Jackson and Msangi
Jackson and Msangi TZ

Transport Manager / Officer

ZanTours - Graham
Graham Cranko ZA

Head of Workshop

Francois Schutte ZA

Head of Reservations

Peter and Juliana
Juliana & Peter TZ

Senior Consultants

Ibrahim S. Katri TZ

Company Trainer

Desrae Botha
Desrae Botha ZA

Head of Finance

Salama Mwishame TZ

Senior Accountant

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