As the leading DMC in Zanzibar we feel the responsibility to work in a sustainable way. We do this not only towards our employees, but also towards the local communities we interact with. Moreover, we feel obliged to set and follow ethical standards for activities offered on the island. Unfortunately, we don’t have always direct influence on certain activities and operations, however, we show our agreement/disagreement in offering/not offering certain activities. Please find below some topics/projects we are supporting:

ZITO Spicefarm
ZITO Spice Farm

ZITO is a ZanTours supported project, which literally “happened” when looking for a new spice farm. We had the need to find a farm community, which we could support and develop for a better service quality and experience for our guests. We, as ZanTours put our ideas and needs on the table and in return discussed with the farm community about how it can be achieved. One major point was the cleanliness, replanting and more important relaxed experience of the farm. This is when ZanTours management decided, despite the usual market rules in Zanzibar for spice farms – ZanTours will pay an entrance fee per guest to the community. The condition was – this money should be reinvested in the farm to keep it clean and pretty and moreover our guests should not feel harassed to buy spices or products, if not wanted.

The result after almost 2 years corporation is, that ZITO reinvested his entrance fee in toilets and farm expansion. They have built a restaurant with daily fresh cooked Swahili lunch from local Mamas, where they also explain in cooking lessons, the secret of the “Swahili kitchen”. We are very proud and happy with this successful example, where ZanTours could help ZITO’s farm to become the leading Spice Farm in Zanzibar.

Experience ZITO on our excursions: Spice Tour (half day), Stone Town served on Spices (full day), Fauna & Flora served on the Rocks (Full Day)

Jeep safari
ZanTours - Jeep Tour
Jeep Tour

During our Jeep Tour we take you to UZI island, on which tourism is almost no existing. The beach where we stop on the private coconut tree farm was highly effected by floating trash. Hence we decided to make an agreement with the local community to clean the beach on a regular base against a payment. The reason was – to provide the local residents with an additional income while helping to keep our island more clean. The fresh coconuts during this stop are harvested from the owner and paid against a very high price. This serves as a kind of entrance fee.

Furthermore, another stop during this tour is a huge baobab tree, where the women do beekeeping. We requested a NGO, which is involved in sustainable bee keeping, to make a research on this specific community. The owner of the honey tree tree is in the meanwhile supported with an “entrance fee” per guest, however the bigger goal is to support a project for the education and training of sustainable bee keeping in this local community. Honey is very important in Zanzibar, because people use it for their herbal medicine. But at this stage, it cannot even be produced in an amount to cover their own usage, and needs to be still imported from Arusha.

You can experience this during our excursion Jeep Tour

Musicians Pete Tour
Healer - Pete Tour

Sarah, who is in love with Zanzibar and its people, created this very unique tour. She trained and educated the village Pete to host guests from all over the world. Moreover, she helped them to invite these guests to be part of their daily life.

Visitors will experience how Pete people live, work, eat and heal diseases. Guests will literally dive into the real and rural life of Zanzibar and visit also an important cave near by.

As Pete is very close to Jozani Forest and the Butterfly Center, we combine the tours together. Sarah arranged with Pete’s Mamas a delicious Swahili lunch cooked – handmade. The Butterfly Center is another project of a NGO, which trained and educated the people of the close by village on how to breed local caterpillars. They are selling the caterpillars, but also display them in their free fly aviary. An unforgettable adventure! You can find more information here – Pete Tour

CHAKO Zanzibar

Chako is a small project, which has grown tremendously over the last 2 years. The idea is to recycle products IN Zanzibar, which not only helps to make our island cleaner but also provides employment for a dozen of people. The original idea was to offer Chako’s products for our tour operator as gifts to their guests. After a very interesting tour through their recent workshop and a long talk to their founder and manager, we realized ZanTours can do more than that! When asked what their recent weakness is, Chako answered – the supply of glass bottles. And here we stepped in, as if we know something very well, then it is – LOGISTIC! We agreed with Chako to pick up empty glass bottles from hotels on our empty legs back to town. Result – Chako tells ZanTours which hotels have packed empty bottles ready for pick up. ZanTours tells Chako which day one of our luggage trucks/ vehicles will be able to pick them up on their way back to town. Chako is also supported from another private company called ZMMI, which is the one of the biggest beverage supplier, and provides storage facilities for the time until the new big workshop of Chako is built. So – Chako is supported by us with transport and by ZMMI with storage facilities … all for a good cause!

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