ZanTours - History, Carl with Plane
Carl with his second plane - Cessna 402 B
ZanAir – History since 1992

The history of ZanAir begun on the 4th of May 1991, when Carl G. Salisbury arrived on Zanzibar with a Piper Seneca 2. While working as a pilot, he was among the pioneers who realized that the tourism industry on Zanzibar was going to expand. After establishing his airline ZanAir in 1992, he recognized that at that time were only a few companies dealing with transportation to and from the airport using big Dala Dalas. Although Carl and his first partner didn’t have experience in this industry, they took the challenge personally on. ZanTours, established in 1996 and in full operation since 1997.

ZanTours - History: Carl in office
Very first client of ZanAir

“We brought mini buses and large quality buses with air-conditioning to Zanzibar, serving the most urgent needs on the island.” Carl G. Salisbury (MBE)

ZanTours – History since 1997

Nowadays there are over 200 tour companies but ZanTours is still the leading full service Destination Management Company. Our mission as a company is to continuosly rethink procedures and do things differently. Based on Carl’s pioneer mindset it is always ZanTours going the next step. Whether it’s in the company reservation system to optimize coordination, or to maintain the fleet in its own car workshop. Is it to bring in new types of passenger transporters or luxury vehicles. Or is it just a better customer care by having refreshing cold towels and cold water prepared in each vehicle.

Despite the fact that the tourism industry on Zanzibar has changed a lot, ZanTours has always kept up with market trends. We have never stopped upgrading and improving ourself – moreover to set our own standards for service quality. When it started 20 years ago, ZanTours just grabbed the opportunity to provide the needed service. Today it has grown into a well-structured company with a clear strategy and high professionals working on its mission every single day. ZanTours not only hires people to fulfil requested services! One of our biggest goal is to educate and train our staff to fit the international standards. Moreoever, to grow and develop every single staff member in its personal job career.

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