Success is indeed only the tip of the iceberg, visible over the water surface. But it says nothing about, what you do not see – under the water surface, which is in fact the vast bigger part of the iceberg:

Hard Work, Persistance, Focus, Loyality, Disappointment, Struggle …

Careers in ZanTours

Since 1997, ZanTours is continuously developing and growing. We are committed to set the bar for Zanzibar tourism experiences. As a matter of a fact, are we always interested in talented people who want to be part of our ever growing family. Not to mention is, we expect integrity, honesty, will, respect let alone humbleness but moreover hard working to serve our clients.

If you are …

  • confident
  • and talented
  • furthermore loyal
  • and reliable
  • further open to learn
  • let alone responsible
  • and trustworthy
  • as well as honest
Careers in ZanTours – Job Posts
  • Drivers – good English, defensive driving skills and moreover caring for guests and vehicle
  • Sales Representatives – excellent English, good sales skills but moreover, honest, let alone presentable and also engaged
  • Reservation – excellent computer skills with excellent English (verbal and writing) and moreover hard working
  • Guides – excellent destination knowledge with at least 2 languages, not to mention good manners, customer care, polite and humble.
How to apply in ZanTours

If you are interested in working with us and be part of the ZanTours Family, please send an email to But not to forget to mention is, we accept only applications with your full CV, certified licenses and cover letter.

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