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After 20 years in operation, we are proud to have grown to be the leading Destination Management Company on Zanzibar. As a result, ZanTours sets standards for the market in terms of service quality and product quality. Moreover, we always find innovative and creative ways to infect our guests with our love for our unique little island. And most of all, during this long period, we have established close partnerships with investors, suppliers and local communities. Through permanent training of our staff, we improve our standards year after year. Moreover, the ZanTours Team is surely driven by its love and passion for East Africa and its people.

ZanTours – Sustainability

ZanTours follows strict company rules when it comes to sustainable tourism. Due to growth of tourism in the Indian Ocean destinations – and here in Zanzibar, sustainability is a very import factor for success. Please find here some projects we support especially in terms of Sustainability.

However, there are a lot of factors, which make us the leading DMC in Zanzibar. Consequently. If you are looking for your destination experts, it is most definitely us:

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ZanTours – Transfer

We own a huge fleet of different types of vehicles, from small vehicles like Toyota Alphard to 45-Seater and also luxury vehicles. Our cars are all in house maintained and serviced in our own workshop. Living on an island in the Indian Ocean, we do not rely on 3rd parties, if it comes to essential things, such as fuel. Hence, we operate our own gas station on our workshop compound.

ZanTours – Hotel

We are one of the biggest hotel whole seller on the island and support our agents with first hand knowledge. Not only that we know Zanzibar like the back of our hand, we also have great relationships to most properties. Through continuous site inspections and over nights, we ensure the quality of the properties we sell. One of the most important duties of a DMC is – we are your “eye and ear” on the island.

ZanTours – Excursion

As leading Destination Management Company we surely provide excursions. However, even for the classic excursions, such as Spice Tour or Stone Town Tour, we try to provide a special experience. Besides that, with our unique tours, like Jeep Tour or Tumbatu,  people experience Zanzibar from a different point of view. Even our airline ZanAir offers a special and unique experience – Scenic Flights over Zanzibar.

ZanTours – Safari

As your destination specialist we call Tanzania also our home. Therefore, safaris are part of our portfolio. No matter if Northern or Southern Circuit, ex/to Zanzibar or ex Kilimanjaro to Zanzibar, we are safari experts. It is a pleasure to find for you the suitable itinerary for your once in a lifetime experience – safari in Tanzania. Have you seen the migration of 1.2 mio wildebeest and zebras yet?

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2 days ago


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Sunday’s in Zanzibar ... Turquoise water, white sandy beach, sun between little tropical rains        ________________________________________ #africa #zanzibar #beach #nungwi #sunbed #indianocean #weloveourjob #sundaymood #sundayfunday #weekend #weekendvibes #relax #sandiesbaobab #nungwibeach #blue #zanzibarisland #foreveronvacation #sun #holiday #vacation #ocean #oceanlove #enjoyyourlife

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Yesterday, the Somaliland Ministry of Environment and Rural Development took possession of 12 cubs confiscated from a boat off the Somaliland coast. The cubs were intercepted by the military and recovered in plastic hampers in extremely poor condition. We do not know how long they went without food or water, but four died shortly after being confiscated. CCF has received and conducted intake exams on the eight survivors. They're only about 2 months old, very weak, and their prognosis is not good. We are doing everything we can to help these tiny, emaciated cubs get stronger. Please help CCF stop the illegal pet trade by spreading the word - cheetahs are not pets! ...

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